Wednesday, October 11, 2006


here are some people who are interested in riding during the next few weeks since we dont have any collegiate races scheduled. give each other a call and ride together.
some ideas to go riding:

whiskeytown unit (XC, DH)
tahoe (XC, DH)
boggs mountain (UC Davis race) (XC, Super D, DH)
upper park here in chico (XC, DH)
Shasta area (XC, DH)

look at
they are having a race during nationals weekend
October 20-22 Lagrange Fall Classic, Weaverville, CA : Super-D Friday, Cross Country Saturday, Downhill Sunday. Held in the Weaver Basin Trail System,the we have a ton of singletrack to work with---many of the trails are flume trails dug by hand during the 1850's gold rush. Friday's Super-D starts way up Weaver Bolly Mountain and then joins on to the some of the best parts of the XC...last year's winning expert time was over 20-minutes! Yeah, you'll get your money's worth! The Cross-country is mostly singletrack, experts and sports get to enjoy the challenge of the Lagrange Ditch trail. The Downhill starts way up Weaver Bolly mountain and drops over 2500 feet in a 4-mile plunge to the singletrack finish near East Weaver Campground. To enter on-line, click here

Team Bigfoot award to top 3 in each category
SUPER D: The course uses some of the upper 2/3 of the Downhill course, then veers onto a 3-mile section of the famed flume trails of our cross-country course for a total of 6+ miles of swooping, speeding, roller-coaster ride fun!!
CROSS COUNTRY: Much of the course is on flume trails dug by hand during the gold-rush days of the 1850's. Start/Finish line is at Trinity High School. The Beginner cross-county course is 16 miles of singletrack and fireroad with about 2000' of climbing. The Sport/Expert/Pro Course is about 21 miles and includes the famous LaGrange Ditch singletrack.. .fun stuff!
DOWNHILL: The Downhill course is about 4 miles and has over 2400'' of altitude drop. We run shuttles from the High School. Course will be open for practice on Saturday after the Super-D to registered riders who have picked up their rider packet and signed their waivers. On race day we shuttle with trucks and trailers, and racers who have appropriate vehicles are encouraged to shuttle themselves to help speed up the day. On Sunday we run downhill practice shuttles at 9am. Each racer gets as many practice runs as they can squeeze in before timed runs begin at noon.

there is also a lot of road rides here locally:
honey run,
sac river loop,
nord/cana highway loop,
table mountain
etc etc...

kurtis westbrook 707-301-7566
nick pavlina 408-691-1379 dh
brad botehlho 925-577-2004
tom fruiht 707-494-7074 xc dh
aaron ruch 209-499-3181 xc
nathan ? 805-760-8052 dh
max hinckley 831-682-4199 xc dh road
meagan yates 530-892-9758 xc road
teresa canon 530-320-2378 xc road
jp bergmann 530-892-9758 xc road
katie troy 510-326-2320 xc road
emily wong 319-389-6167 xc road dh
rachel corey 530-318-3690 xc dh
brian klatt 530-228-1316 xc dh
john wilson 530-301-3007 xc
jesse burr 707-888-9126 xc dh
evan quaco 760-277-4022 dh
mike gandy 530-218-8512
wes brandon 510-673-3797 dh super d
aldo morales 310-940-5796 xc super d
taylor carlin 916-531-1033 xc super d
chris higham 925-389-0751 dh
alex higham 925-683-7178 dh xc
jeff sexsmith 925-699-2050 dh
ryan steves 650-400-3557 dh xc
joaquin garcia 760-224-1035 (except for nationals weekend) dh xc road super d

if you have any questions whatsoever call joaquin 760-224-1035 or nicole 530-228-6112

call each other and ride! 2-3 weeks is a long time to get faster. it is also a long time to get slow if you dont keep riding.

the results from boggs are now up...go to -->links --> "new WCCC site"


Anonymous JP said...

To everyone who missed the meeting on tuesday...

I still ride mon, wed, thur at 7:00 am in upper bidwell,
and at 8:00 am on fri I ride road, starting from one-mile. Anyone who wants to ride XC or road give me a call


Wednesday, October 18, 2006 10:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn this joaquin dude sounds like a big shot! nationals!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 8:38:00 PM  

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