Friday, November 17, 2006

Team Banquet UPDATED

Here is the UPDATED info for the team banquet.

Date: December 2nd
Time: 7PM-?
Place: Joaquins House (Address will be sent out Thursday night)

Here are the people that RSVP'd for the banquet, # o' guests and food they are bringing:

Name: Guests: Food:
Teresa 1 Casarole
Aaron 1 cookies and stuff
Tom 1 potatoes
Kurtis - stuff?
Brad 1 drinks
Tim 1 chips/salsa
Dustin - 7 layer dip
Taylor multiple salad
Rachel - cookies
Katie 1 dessert
Megan 1 dessert or potato salad
Nathan 1 yum yums
JP 1 ?
John W 1-2 cookies
Jesse 0 chips and dip
Emily 1 dessert
Geoff 1 ?
Mike G 1 meat
John N 1 cake and pasta
Vince 1 meat
Ryan S 1 ?
Kevin ? garlic bread
Joseph F - soda
Cippie 1 ?
Boone ? cookies
Stocks 1 stuff/lasagna
Wes 1 "sausage balls"
Nicole - things
Joaquin - treats and things

Dont bring an excess amount of people, please. The house will be pretty packed as is, about 60-70 people as of now. If you must bring an unusual amount of people, LET ME KNOW FIRST Preferably by Friday! This is because we will only have a certain amount of food and dont want your friends mooching off of our food. Thanks.

OK, if you are not on this list, you will not be attending. If you want to be on the list please contact Joaquin or Nicole via email or phone call. I will turn you away if you are not on the list. Sorry.

We have an idea of having a main course of LASAGNA, RAVIOLI, and GARLIC BREAD. The team will provide the main course, you bring the rest.

For those who signed up to bring dessert or those who didnt sign up for anything, try to bring something else like salad material or some other type of side dish, UNLESS you really have a bomb recipe!

FOr those who dont know what to bring or didnt sign up for something, maybe bring some garlic bread and/or non-alcoholic drink (ie juice, soda, sparkling cider, water)

SPINACH AND SOUR CREAM DIP (2.99 AT TRADER JOES) PUT IT IN THE CENTER OF A ROUND LOAF OF SOURDOUGH **this would be good, maybe a couple of these!**

(of course you can go buy this stuff elsewhere than trader joes, this was just an example of the price range; pretty cheap.)

Taylor is bringing salad, if someone who isnt bringing something wants to help out Taylor make a big salad please do it, we need a LARGE salad!

If you signed up for something, make sure you show up with it, there will be a lot of hungry people. If you dont show up with something, we will make you go get something to bring.

Again, we will have a dinner, awards, raffle, a fire, videos, music, overall results review and good times.

IF you would like to help set up and/or decorate, call me (Joaquin) at 7602241035 to let me know you would like to help. I will give raffle tix. Also, I will need help cleaning up probably on Sunday sometime.

For now that is all. Will update as more info comes along.
PLEASE use this message board to communicate, post ideas etc.


Thursday, November 09, 2006


I'll be leaving for Berkley on Saturday if
anyone wants to carpool. I can fit one other person and one other bike, or
If we send our bikes with someone else, then I can fit four passengers.
I'll be leaving around 11:00 am if I can get a babysitter for my daughter,
or 5:00pm if I can't. My # is (530)892-9171 Peace